Blackpool, August 2009

Now it has been a couple of years since I was last in Blackpool so one Friday we set off with the kids for a day out. We set off at 8 am to beat the rush and duly arrived 9.45 am after a steady clear run (donít even think about going any Bank holiday weekend). The car park was pretty clear and it now costs £7 for up to 8 hours parking.

We had decided to give the fun fair a miss due to the cost and headed for the tower. As the tower opens at 10 am we only had a short wait in a small queue to get in. One thing you do notice about Blackpool is that every time you go to enter an attraction they are slow, bordering on hopeless at serving you. It was £12 per adult and £10 per child to enter. Once inside we headed for the Aquarium and apart from some of the tanks having the wrong names of the fish in them and others missing name tags altogether it was a good attraction with the tanks clean and the fish healthy. From the fish we called in for the 5 minute 3D film show and a quick look at the ballroom where a fair few people were enjoying themselves a waltz around the dance floor. Unfortunately we could not go up the tower due to high winds at the top which was a disappointment. With your entry fee you get tickets for the circus and as the next show was 1 pm we did not bother hanging around for that as by now we had seen everything we wanted to. The tower is looking a little tired and in need of a little money spending on it but still worth going to. As we left the queue was now long so it was worth going early.

Time for lunch and as we did not want more than a snack we just went in the M and S cafť. There was a restaurant next to the tower that did look reasonably priced. The four of us all had a snack and a drink for just under £20.

The other attraction we had decided to visit was Madame Tussards. I was a little sceptical about going but this turned out to be totally unwarranted. By going in the Tower the ticket lets you go in to the waxworks for half price. This worked out at £20 for the four of us although there were also leaflets been given out at the entrance letting a family of four in for £26 if you did not have tower tickets. The place itself was excellent with plenty of exhibits over three or four floors. Many of the waxworks allowed you to get your photo taken with them which went down well with the kids.

As the kids are at the age were they want cloths not toys we headed for the shops and Blackpool is spending money trying to get the streets up to a modern standard after a few years of neglect and sitting back. There is plenty of choice from the usual Blackpool rock shops to the new precinct style shopping areas and every taste is catered for.

It would be Blackpool if you did not visit the arcades so we went in with £20 to spend and did that with not too much effort. It was more than worth it and in this era of the video phone you get priceless memories to keep of the kids having ago on the many machines.

Time for home and a good day had been had by all. I donít think I would like to spend more than a day in Blackpool unless the weather was hot and you could get away from spending money down the beach but for a day out we had a great time. It is worth taking your own food and checking out the internet for offers of money off vouchers to help with the cost.