Anne Frank

Anne Frank HouseWithout doubt one of the most popular and a poignant place to visit while in Amsterdam is the Anne Frank House. While visiting I toured the house with a feeling of pity, regret and fascination. The house with all its history is largely as it was with the secret rooms and passageways. The slow walk around the house taking in all the history takes around an hour. One of the things that really put me back in time is the fact that over the windows that look out to the canal have superimposed a view from the 1940s so it is just like going back in time. Recently the pictures that Anne Frank stuck on the walls of the secret annex have been restored for future generations to marvel at. In her first week in hiding in July 1942 Ann tried to brighten up her room by using a collection of postcards. Ann wrote her diary during her period in hiding and chronicles her life from 12th June 1942 until 1st August 1944. After the war Otto returned to find that the diary had been saved and subsequently it has been published in 55 languages.

StatueAfter Germany invaded the Netherlands in 1940 the anti Jewish measures started. Fearing for there safety the Frank family went into hiding in July 1942. Otto Fank, Edith Frank-Hollander and their daughters Margot and Ann hid in the building on the Prinsengracht. They were later joined by Mr and Mrs Daan and there son Peter and Mr Dussel. After two years they were betrayed and deported Otto Frank was the only one to survive, Anne then aged 15 and Margot died from typhus while in Bergen Belsen concentration camp in March 1945 only weeks before the concentration camp was liberated.

Admission and opening times

Check out the official web site for up to date admission times but in general it opens at 9am and costs €7.5 for an adult, €3.5 for 10 to 17 years old and it is free for 9 and under.

The house is located in the centre of Amsterdam around a 20 minute walk from Central Station. You can take the number 13 or 17 tram and get off at the Westermarkt andwalk onto Prinsengracht. By visiting the official web site you can if you want pre book your tickets but do arrange to get there early especially at weekends and the summer months. One thing is certain you must go, take the kids and never let this piece of history be forgotten.

Anne Frank House
Prinsengracht 263