Artis Zoo

Way in to the Zoo Zoo Gardens

The local Artis zoo is worth a trip to see on a nice day and easily takes half a day to tour around. We last stopped in the Leidesplein area and from here it was a €10 trip in a taxi phoned from our hotel. The entry fee was 17e each and the information book a further €3.50. Entry to the zoo includes everything including the aquarium, planetarium and skeleton house. A well laid out zoo with plenty of green you don’t realise that you are surrounded by the city. My favourites for the day were the aquarium, butterfly house and the sea lions. You can view the sea lions swimming underwater and what a beautiful and majestic sight it is seeing such large creatures gliding effortlessly under the water. As usual get there early to beat the queues and I would not recommend a visit on a wet day. After the visit we had a stroll back through the streets, about a twenty minute walk back if it was not for the café and a lovely pint of cold Heineken that delayed us for an hour while sat in the sun doing what comes natural in Amsterdam, people watching.

Zoo with the canals behindOn the left photograph you can see just how close the zoo is to the surrounding canals and streets. In general you feel as if you are in a large park area rather than the centre of Amsterdams streets.

One of my favourite houses in the zoo was the butterly enclosure.

Butterfly House Butterfly House Butterfly House Butterfly House