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Concle Inn: Rampside



Concle Inn Concle Inn Concle Inn

Now itís been a few good overdue years since I was last in the Concle and a sunny Saturday afternoon walk down the old line proved a good opportunity to once again pay the pub a visit. If you donít want to drive or use a bus the walk down the old line is an ideal way to get a bit of exercise and at around 4 miles along a tarmac path itís a nice way to spend an hourís walk.

The pub stands on the corner before the causeway to Roa Island. From the outside it is a very clean white painted building with seats outside for those sunny days. Inside to the right is an area with a real fire. The bar is directly in front and another larger area is to the left. The beer was perfect and both the Boddingtons and the pint of rare mild was some of the best I have tasted. Along with friendly hosts and a few locals it was a perfect place to rest up after the walk and relax. The pub itself was very clean and spacious although it must be hard to keep the open plan rooms warm on a cold day, next to the fire was fine though.

The pub does advertise food and I will give it a go in the not to distant future. After a few beers we went to the bus stop right outside the pub and for £1.25p got the 10 minute ride back to Barrow town hall. The buses are not as regular as a few years ago but apart from Sunday armed with a timetable you can get one every few hours during the day. This is definitely a pub to try, give it a go.