Black Dog Beer Festival

Black Dog Black Dog Black Dog

Black Dog Beer Festival

Easter weekend brought the Black Dog beer festival on the outskirts of Dalton. The visit was on Easter Sunday, the 23rd of March. A 6 taxi ride using Barrow cars soon had our group of beer hunters transported from a packed football fans Strawberry, to the lovely, sedate and warm Black Dog. Two real fires to go with the nine or so real ales set the tone for the day. The theme of the festival was Welsh beer and a good choice was at hand (hand pump get it!).

The pub itself is split for all intense and purposes into two halves, upper and lower. The upper half was mainly void of tables as a large section had been kept clear for the night's entertainment. The lower section contained the two fires and the ale. When we arrived at 3pm we duly got around a table but by 6pm it was one out one in to get a seat. The only thing I would have preferred on the day was for a few of the bar stools to be removed from the front of the main bar to give more room to be served. If required bar meals could be purchased for around 5 and the atmosphere was chilled and relaxed with the beer flowing. I fell into the return taxi at around 8.30pm and a good day was had by all, bring on the next! PS. many thanks to mine hosts and the staff who made everyone feel welcome and served with a smile.

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