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Farmers Arms: Hollow Lane

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The Farmers arms on Hollow lane can be described as a small country style public house in town. This is one place that has really benefited from the smoking ban. Before the ban the pub use to get far too smokey and when you went home it was straight in the washing basket with the cloths. Now the pub is clean, bright and tidy, and a warm welcome awaits you from the staff and regulars. On the more sunny days tables and chairs are provided for a seat outside and if you are out for a walk itís a great place to stop and rest the weary legs. There is live music on a weekend night (phone or check out the local paper to see what night).
Now I recently visited the pub and there have been a few changes. The pub has recently been taken over and it has had a makeover. New seating and carpet have been installed and the pub has also been decorated and painted out. Extra seating outside for those sunny days make it worth the trip. The pub advertises Sky sport but since the refurbishment one of the tv's has been removed from the door end of the pub, so it now only has one screen and due to the shape and seating arrangments plus how many are in, it may not be the best of places to choose to view sport. Apart from that the new owners are putting a lot of hard work in and the pub deserves your support.

New photos will be added soon when I remember to take the camera out.