The Amsterdam Dungeon

Front of the DungeonSituated down from Dam square along the main road and open around 11.00pm till 5pm. If you are going to go look for the money off vouchers in leaflets at the hotel or pre book at one of the kiosks at a cheaper rate. Full price is around 21e for an adult and you are in there for around 90 minutes. The tour is not for small children or those that can be frightened easy, once in it is difficult to come out as it is a set guided tour through a designated route. The museum does give an insight to what life was like in past times and actors transport you back to the atmosphere of old. Themes covered are life in the Spanish Inquisition era when for 300 years you feared people coming to the door. Life aboard the trading ships when you only found your way on board after getting hit over the head while drunk or drugged or stand before the council of blood. The tour was good but not worth the full price, but it did succeed in creating realistic atmospheres of times gone by.