Roa Island and Rampside

Roa Island is situated just two miles from the Barrow border along the A5087 Rampside road and looks out to Morecambe bay and the Irish Sea. It has a population of around 100 and occupies an area of about 30 acres. Roa Island is reached by a causeway from Rampside village. At the end of the causeway is the home of the Roa Island Boating Club.

Local Attractions Causeway RNLI Station Looking to Piel Island

Bosuns Locker Café - Roa Island House, Roa Island, Barrow-in-Furness , LA13 0QL - 0871 963 1148

The Clarkes - Rampside, Barrow-in-Furness, LA13 0PX - 0871 963 1166

The Concle Inn - Rampside , Barrow-in-Furness , LA13 0PU - 0871 5297362

Concle Inn Bosuns Locker with Hotel Behind Clarks Arms Hotel

Roa Island is home to the rebuilt and modernised lifeboat house and its new RNLI lifeboat. Established in 1864 the station has performed countless rescues and many people owe their lives to the brave volunteer crew of the boat. Also at Roa Island is a hotel, café and a pier where in summer you can catch the small ferry (open boat that holds about 12 people) over to the nearby Piel Island with its castle and pub.

From the causeway to Roa Island approximately half way down on the left (tide permitting) is an area of low lying land known as Foulney Island. It is reached by a shingle and rock walkway and is popular with beachcombers, windsurfers and fishermen. The Island is home to many breeding birds and care should be taken not to stand on the hard to see camouflaged nests on the walkways during breeding season. You must always check the tide times prior to visiting Foulney to avoid getting stranded .


Local Attractions

The old Watch Tower customs and excise house that was built in 1847 looks out into Walney channel.

Concle InnThe old lighthouse on the way to the causeway Bosuns Locker with Hotel BehindA cold day with the sea frozen looking towards Roa Island

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