Teatro Italian Restaurant

49 Cavendish Street, Barrow

LA14 1QD

01229 - 825123

Italian Italian

The former Italian restaurant named after the chain who owns it has had a revamp and make-over. Now it has been renamed Teatro after the Italian for theatre. A good choice as it stands on the old theatre site from many a year ago.

The water fountain has gone from the inside and all the chairs and décor replaced with stylish taste. The venue changes into a modern bar after nine o’clock so even if you have not eaten you can come in and enjoy the bar atmosphere.

We went for the first time on Thursday (3rd Dec) after deliberately never went for the happy hour meal that runs up to 7pm. A garlic bread to start and a pizza plus pasta meal was fine. The starter was if anything was too large for us on top of the meal but we gave it a good go.

Now since my first visit and another by the other half and her friends with no problems the third time did not go quiet as smooth. On arriving at the restaurant we duly placed our order of starters and the main meal. One starter arrived but not the other, the girl duly went away and reassured she would get mine in a couple of minutes. Now that could only mean one thing and sure enough a tell tale plate of micro waved steaming chicken livers arrived. They were ok but the rushed method of cooking made the meal a little sloppy. My fault for not just cancelling the starter and doing without. Now for the main meal I had ordered the Mexican pizza. With every other base pizza I have had it has been a nice base with various toppings on the tomato base. Not this one, it was just a mixture of various toppings to create a sloppy mess on top of the base. I feel I could have scooped it all of and put it on some nachos for a completely different meal. Not my idea of a pizza. The other half had pasta and it was good so I have learned a lesson. I will try again but not for a while as there are too many other good Italians that will come first. Do try it though as my personnel comments for one meal should not put you off what is a good business venture that deserves to do well. When they sort the pizza out I will be back.