Red Light District

Amsterdam Now when you mention the red light district to people who have not been to Amsterdam all sorts of visions comes to there mind. It is true years ago there were a few doggy people but over the last ten years or so the police have cracked down hard on the hard drug sellers and Amsterdam including the Red Light area are a safe place to walk with no more precautions than you would at home. Keep away late at night when the crowds have gone, watch your wallet and keep away from the blue windows as the girls may not be all they seem. The area contains many fine restaurants and bars as well as a few girls in underwear in red lighted windows.. The red light aspect comes from the old port days many years ago when the ladies of the night would carry a red lamp to tell the sailors they were free. The area is popular for all sorts of ages and gender to stroll along and is also home to a church and museum that are worth a visit, both are detailed in the guide to Amsterdam. Donít forget if you have a walk along you can take photos of the general area especially during the day but do not attempt to photo any of the girls in the windows or your camera may well end up in the canal. A gentle stroll is to walk up the Oude- zijds Achter-burgwal canal and at the end cross the bridge and come back the other side. There are a few free tours around the district or you could take the Randy Roys redlight tour that apparently takes 90 minutes and focuses on the humorous and contempory stories of the red light area. There are 8pm and 10pm tours and to reserve call 0641853288, the meeting point is across from the Central Station in front of the Victoria Hotel.

Below is the old custom house on the edge of the Red light Area the beer was a little expensive at €6 but the food was fine for a lunchtime snack

Old Custom House Cafe Bar Old Custom House Cafe Bar