Jubilee Bridge Walney beach at sunset,
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Biggar Bank and Westshore Beaches

Jubilee Bridge

Jubilee Bridge Jubilee Bridge

Jubilee Bridge joins mainland Barrow-in-Furness to the approximate 5 sq miles of Walney Island. The bridge was built in 1908 to transport workers to the ever expanding local industries and replaced the railways run chain ferry. Originally a toll bridge, the toll was removed in 1935 when the bridge build cost had been met. The bridge is a fine example of Edwardian engineering with a rack and pinion design, and still opens 100 years later to allow the larger boats through. Look out for the bridges centenary celebrations on July 30th this year.

Biggar Bank

Biggar Bank Grass Play Area Playground Castle Public House

Biggar bank on Walney Island is a fine place to head for on a sunny day, or indeed wrapped up for a walk on a windy day. A large expanse of grass leads to a shingle beach front and on to a beautiful sandy beach. There is a kids play area on the grass and the Castle house public watering hole on the roadside. Open in the evenings at the top of ocean road is a Chinese restaurant called the Roundhouse.


Caravan Park Shore line and Black Combe Old Beach Jetty Shore Line

Westshore is another beach similar to Biggar bank on Walney Island and popular in the summer. West Shore park a residential park for the over 50's overlooks the beach and has marvellous views. At the entrance to the park there is shop open to the general public. On most weekend days the local kite surfing club can be seen skimming along the waves (tide permitting!). Indeed the National Kite Surfing Championships was held in June along the beach.

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